Most frugal with high efficiency
(High electromotive force)

Original of Virgo is
High of efficiency saving gas stove there are research and developed from the general stove by team of engineer. They were take the mechanics technical to adapted for rushing gas to pulled the air from beside and under base of stove including mixing between gas and air in the pipe line to used completely it has been became to completed burning, high temperature, decrease off lampblack and contamination it is using gas less. Is saving gas stove was making with strong raw material, high qualities while will be save the natural gas also there are cheap with investment worthwhile.

Special quality beyond abbreviate of
High temperature
Decreased using nature gas
Cleaning it salve within using period time Frugal guarantee within using period time
Do not adjust base of air within using period time
The piston ring for protection distributed temperature as beside
Can take finish gas in tank more than general stove Complete burning, decrease lampblack on the ware
Produced under copyright of designing and invention of Thai people and made in Thailand
Head of stove can spirit level